Message from Mr. Jeffking. ICC President,

Jeffking. ICC President

Thưa ChinhKhi chúng ta đọc về cuộc đàn áp ở những tin tức, thật dễ dàng để mất những tác động của con người giữa những người chết và thống kê khác.Tuy nhiên, đằng sau mỗi sự cố là người thật. Những người bị giết hoặc bị thương nghỉ đằng sau một tác động lan tỏa của đau buồn trong gia đình và cộng đồng của họ. Tuy nhiên, chúng ta có thể bám vào hy vọng bên kia nấm mồ!Với lời hứa của cõi đời đời với Chúa Kitô, chúng ta có thể tìm thấy sự bình an trong thực tế là những người đang chịu tử đạo vì đức tin của họ bây giờ là với Ngài. Khi nỗi đau dần dần mất dần, di sản của họ về đức tin chống lại tất cả tỷ lệ cược tỏa sáng qua. Cảm ơn bạn đã hỗ trợ tiếp tục của bạn cho những anh em quý chị em.Được may mắn,
Jeff vua
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Dear ChinhWhen we read about persecution in the news, it’s easy to lose the human impact amidst the death tolls and other statistics.However, behind each incident are real people. Those who are killed or injured leave behind a ripple effect of grief within their families and communities. Yet, we can cling to hope beyond the grave!With the promise of eternity with Christ, we can find peace in the fact that those who are martyred for their faith are now with Him. As the grief slowly fades, their legacy of faith against all odds shines through. Thank you for your continued support for these precious brothers and sisters.Be Blessed,
Jeff King
President of International Christian Concern
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Dear Chinh,The last time I wrote to you about COVID-19 was back on February 9. 
While only a month ago, it seems like a year in Corona-time. Things have progressed so quickly it’s stunning. 
In that last email, I suggested that the Chinese government was probably downplaying the danger of the virus as their actions (setting up instant hospitals and quarantining whole cities of 20 million people) were not matching their calming rhetoric.  
Well, now we know the Chinese government was downplaying the threat and suppressing their doctors from telling the truth. They even jailed their lead doctor fighting the virus for a while; he later died. Now, the virus has spread throughout the world and is coming soon to your neighborhood if it hasn’t already arrived. 
Reactions are all over the map on this issue. Some are near panic while others are trying to figure why others are panicking!  
I find it interesting, though, that there is a real parallel between the emotions we are feeling and the perspective of the persecuted. 
Think about it. Whether from COVID-19 or from government persecution, we both face a potential hidden and dangerous factor that may affect us personally. It may pass by easily or, assuming the worst, could destroy our lives. 
So perhaps there is something to learn from the persecuted who live under constant threat. 
Wherever your heart is at this time, it’s important to remember and to share with other believers that we serve an all-powerful God who assures us that we are not to be anxious or to worry about the future. God promises that He will provide for us and, in moments of uncertainty, He is asking us, “Do you trust me?”
In China, where the government has led a massive crackdown on Christians, many Christians are persisting in their worship, but doing so remotely. Two churches in Hubei, Fuman Church and Qingsham Church, have continued their online services as China continues to handle the COVID-19 outbreak. 
The leader of Fuman Church online, Pastor Li, said that the virus outbreak was a call to all churches to save souls. And that is exactly what he, and many others, are trying to do. The reason is that life is 100% fatal because, as you know, we are all being stalked by a virus called death. It will kill everyone you know, and the lost have no hope without Jesus. 
Pastor Li and others are using video and chatting apps to share the Gospel and their Bible studies, both with their congregations and with the lost. 
When I look at these brave believers, who continue to serve each other and share the Good News in the midst of COVID-19 and potential threats from the government, I am emboldened to do the same in my own life. In moments of crisis like this, we can truly become the hands and feet of Jesus. 
Think about these ways you can serve and love people throughout this crisis and please write us with ways you are touching others:

  • Make the most of every opportunity to share your faith with others.
  • Call your elderly neighbor and offer to grocery shop for them.
  • Be generous with your resources.
  • Love others from a safe distance (encouraging text messages, snail mail, or phone calls).
  • Spend quality time with family.  
  • Take proper safety precautions and practice good hygiene to prevent the spread. 
  • Commit to praying for those at high risk.

If you would like to provide for your persecuted brothers and sisters, consider giving today.Be Blessed,
Jeff King
President of International Christian Concern
Author of Islam Uncensored and The Last Words of the Martyrs
Host of Into the Deep Podcast

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