Tù nhân lương tâm tôn giáo, Mục sư Y – Yich (18 năm tù)
Giải nhân quyền năm 2017

Good morning,We are very happy and thank God that you sent us your letter.
We also thank you for mentioning the case of Pastor Y – Yich (A prisoner of religious conscience) who is still being held at Gia Trung Prison, Tinh Gia Lai, Vietnam.

We confirm that: Pastor Y – Yich is a prisoner of religious conscience, he is a servant of God with strong faith, he has been arrested and imprisoned 3 times by Gia Lai police, because his mission in ethnic minority areas in the Central Highlands, Vietnam,

We are the prisoners who shared a room with him for more than 4 years. We had the opportunity to listen to his story and life following God as well as his struggle to protect religious freedom for his Bahnar people and why he was charged and abandoned by the Gia Lai Police imprisoned him for 12 years,

In 2017, he was awarded the annual human rights award by the Vietnam Human Rights Network, based in California, USA. Since this is an award to encourage Vietnamese political and religious prisoners of conscience, In the content of the letter we sent to him, I also sent his daughter H’Dom, and the only child who could visit Mr. Y – Yich at Gia Trung prison. We also keep in touch with Ms. H’Dom for information and him health status. Whenever H’Dom comes back from visiting his father, we collect information about Mr. Y – Yich. If there is a serious problem, we will have a report sent to notify the US Embassy in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or the US Department of State or human rights lawyers and human rights organizations known and shared interests,

Please pay attention to pray and raise your voice to advocate for international forums, especially in Christian churches, that need attention and protection for the case of Pastor, Y – Yich, Pastor, Dinh Diem and a number of other prisoners of conscience who are still being held and mistreated in Vietnamese prisons will soon be released…

Once again, on behalf of the VPEF Association, thank you for your letter of greeting and concern for the prisoners of conscience in Vietnam. May God always bless you and your church with fresh blessings.

Best regards,

Rev. Cong Chinh Nguyen,
President, Association VPEF,

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