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Dear Sir. John Biden. 46th President of the United States of America.         United States on September 3, 2023,  The White House: 1600Pennsylvania Ave NW. Washington, DC 20500

The Bible says, “Remember those who are in chains, just as you are chained to them, Also those who are persecuted, have the same body as them (Hebrews 13:3)

Dear President. On the occasion of the President’s visit to Asia to attend essential conferences on strategy for the United States and the economic security of all mankind. The President also has two days to go to Vietnam to establish diplomatic relations with the Hanoi Communists in order to make a decision to upgrade comprehensive cooperation with the Hanoi Communists. The President should be careful and careful when focusing on bilateral or complete cooperation with HanoiCommunists because Communist Hanoi is a very dangerous “Dictator and” organization. 

1- The Vietnamese Communists have voluntarily applied for a commitment to fully implement the provisions of the law in a number of important UN documents such as the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Convention on Civil Rights. & Politics 1966. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 and many other United Nations Protocol Conventions. However, the Hanoi Communists did not fulfill their signed commitments. In contrast, Communist Hanoi has used many systematic policies to continuously suppress religion and violate human rights from 1975 to now (1975-2023). Evidence of violations of human rights and religious freedom has been listed and archived on the global internet and thousands of annual human rights reports by the United States, the United Nations, and the democratic coalition countries. Human rights rapporteurs or international human rights monitoring agencies have also repeatedly warned. This means that the United States, the United Nations, and the democratic coalition countries need a strong enough legal framework to warn or sanction individual offfficials or Communists in Hanoi. 

2- The US government or democratic countries should expand cooperation to upgrade diplomatic relations from bilateral cooperation to multilateral or comprehensive cooperation with Asian countries. needed to help the least developed countries have the opportunity to develop. But for the Hanoi Communists, the President as well as the US government needs to be cautious. Because Communist Hanoi is a peripheral organization of Communist China. Because of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups (Over 100 million people are victims of Vietnamese Communists), They consider HanoiCommunists as an organized transnational criminal organization. The”dictatorship – lie – brutality” has terrorized, human-trafffficking,  robbed, killed, and Rapedthe Vietnamese people for the past 48 years. (John, 10:10) 

3- The US government’s decision to cooperate multilaterally or comprehensively with the Hanoi Communists, will create a legal corridor and also a favorable opportunity for the HanoiCommunists to increase the Religious oppression and human rights violations against Vietnamese ethnic groups and religions with more new scenarios “We want to talk about the two-sided policy of the Hanoi Communists” Using religionCommunists suppress religion independence. Using Indigenous Peoples Communism oppresses indigenous peoples. The scenario of June 11, 2023, was drafted and staged by the Hanoi Communist Security Bureau in order to eliminate all young intellectuals from the Upper Central Highlands and wipe out a number of independent religious organizations. Applying the policy of semi-armed migration from China to the politicization of the Central Highlands region. 

4- President John Biden’s Asia trip is to attend the G20 & Asia Summit and then visit Vietnam on September 9-10, 2023. Before the President and the US Government delegation make a decision on multilateral cooperation or comprehensive cooperation with the Hanoi Communists, the President and the US Government delegation need to reconsider the stubborn attitude of the Communists. Hanoi. on human rights violations, religious freedoms, arbitrary arrests or violations of freedom of speech, right of assembly… VPEF calls on President John Biden’s delegation to pay attention to the lives of more than 100 Montagnards who were arrested and imprisoned after the events of June 11, 2023. The VPEF Association affffirmed that: More than 100 intellectuals in the Upper Central Highlands arrested are Protestants because they are all victims of the religious oppression on June 11, 2023. 

5- Please, Mr. President, also pay attention to political and religious prisoners of conscience being imprisoned and mistreated in Vietnamese Communist prisons. Since the US government has a policy to campaign for the release of prisoners of religious conscience, a number of Vietnamese prisoners have been released to the US for asylum. However, not a single prisoner from the Upper Central Highlands or the Khmer-Krom in the Southwest region who received the attention of the US Government for intervention was released, which is not fair. Please pay attention to the plight of religious prisoners of conscience. Pastor. Y Yit was jailed for 12 years. Most Venerable. Nguyen Ky Lac 14 years in prison (An Dan Dai Dao – Bia Son), monk. Vuong Van Tha has 12 years in prison (Hoa Hao Buddhism) and is a lawyer. Nguyen Bac Truyen 11 years in prison 

On behalf of the Pastors of the VPEF Association, we would like to send the contents of this letter to the president and the high-ranking delegation of the US Government on the occasion of the Asian trip to visit Vietnam. We need the attention of the President and the High Delegation of the United States Government to the lives of those detained on 11/6/2023 in Daklak as well as the situation of prisoners of conscience religious and Other politicians were being tortured and mistreated in prisons as well as human rights abuses in Vietnam before the President made the decision to cooperate with Communist Hanoi. May Jehovah God Bless peace and good fortune on the journey of the President and the high-ranking US government delegation to Asia succeeding in the authority of Jehovah, the Lord. AlmightyGod (Joshua, 1:9), (2 Tim, 1:7), (Ps, 121:1-8)

Sincerely in Jesus.

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh  –  Preachers. David Mlo. –    Pastor Nguyen Manh Cuong.    –       Pastor. Sung Seo Hoa

           (Chairman)       (Deputy Secretary General cum Spokesperson)    (Vice President-Ministry &Mission)       (Vice President –

Economics & External Relations)



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