International Religious Freedom: A New Era for Advocacy in Response to a New Age of Challenges and Threats

The permanent observer mission of the Holy See to the United Nations and the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief cordially invite you to their upcoming briefing at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The event will feature remarks from Ambassador Sam Brownback as well as several other distinguished guests. 

The Chinese government under Xi Jinping has intensified its campaign of mass religious persecution, particularly in the Uyghur region. The persecution is marked by breathtaking brutality and collective punishment and is the worst since the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution. Since at least 2012, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has steadily expanded a systematic campaign to punish and eradicate religious practice and belief. All faiths are experiencing tyranny and oppression that shocks the conscience. Millions of religious believers are being locked up in internment camps, detention centers, and prisons. Every day in China, people are harassed, intimidated, arrested, mistreated, tortured and even killed extrajudicially. By forming the Coalition to Advance Religious Freedom in China, persecuted faith communities unite their voices in support of religious freedom for all. The Coalition calls for an end to “business as usual” with China as long as the government continues its pitiless assault and the rights and fundamental dignity of every citizen.

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