Vietnamese People’s Evangelical Fellowship (VPEF)

Hội nghị. Hiệp hội tin lành các dân tộc Việt nam lần thứ nhất (27/7/2006) Tại Sài gòn, Việt nam,
(Ban điều hành Hiệp hội VPEF)

New Executive Board of VPEF Association for the term 2022-2026

1/Rev. Nguyen Cong Chinh (Chairman of the Executive Board of VPEF)

2/ Pastor. Nguyen Manh Cuong (First Vice President. In charge of VPEF Missionary Pastoral Development)

3/ Pastor. Sung Seo Hoa (Second Vice President. In charge of Development and Management of Economic & Financial Projects VPEF)

4/ Pastor. Y Sin Lemo (Acting Secretary General of VPEF)

5/ Ecclesiastes. David Mlo (Vice Secretary General and VPEF Spokesperson)

Southern California Representative Office.10892 Ranney Ave Garden Grove. CA, 92843, North Carolina Headquarters: 1417 South English Street Greenboro, NC, 2740,

Rev. Nguyen Cong Chinh

President and CEO of the Project for the Development of Religious Freedom, Human Rights, and Civil Society Vietnam – Asia.
Phone: +1 (714) 468-3409, (Vietnamese) +66 61954 1370 (English) 
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