Mr. and Mrs. Pastor. Greg A. Dixon Director of mission,

Mr. and Mrs. Pastor. Greg A. Dixon Director of mission,

We would be honored to be invited to speak and sing at your church or function for three reasons:

1. God called me to preach when I was 17 years of age, and I must fulfill my call.

2. After 40 plus years in the ministry, I have a desire to influence, encourage, and bless pastors and churches around the world to be greater missional movements of God.

3.My wife and I have chosen to donate all love offerings, which have been received through speaking engagements to help self-fund these 6 Initiatives.

The last four years has been incredible.  Our 6 INITIATIVES have been developed into very productive ministry opportunities in order to help so many.  From students in Indy to church planters in far away places around the world the gospel and biblical truth have been taught and spread.Through ADVANCE the homeless are provided housing and hundreds of inner city individuals are given nightly/weekly meals.  Along with these important ministries our July 2019 VBS/Medical Mission trip to Oaxaca, Mexico was a great success.  Please sign up for the 2020 trip as soon as possible by e-mailing me immediately.  All youth groups, adults and medical personnel are welcome!

My desire is to develop a GLOBAL ALLIANCE in 2020 with churches, pastors, individuals, business leaders and foundations for inner city renewal and world evangelism.  New church START UP’S is one of my favorite INITIATIVES.  210 new churches have been started in the last four years.

Here in 2020  another 100 churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America have been chosen to support for 310 new works.There are four reasons to get involved with ADVANCE:

  • PURE EVANGELISM-There are no salaries.
  • ACCELERATED EVANGELISM-We help missionaries do more quicker.
  • PRODUCTIVE EVANGELISM-310 churches started in four years.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM-$50.00 per month per church starts a new work.

Thank you for your friendship and interest in what we do through ADVANCE all around the world.  Your monthly or one time gift will help us do more.  “The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith,  the just shall live by faith.”  In 2020 let us live by and do something far beyond ourselves by faith.

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